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Lets work together because kratom saves lives. Big Pharma profits wont get in our way!

FightForKratom.Org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making kratom legal with no restrictions nationwide.
Help us get rid of these kratom restrictions by signing the petition below. Every signature counts! FIGHT FOR KRATOM!

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Fight For Kratom petition to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the DEA. Lets get as many signatures as possible. We cannot afford to loose this fight! Please share this petition!

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Kratom is too important to all of us. Join the fight for kratom by donating today. We will do whatever it takes to keep kratom legal.  You can donate today by purchasing a fight for kratom t-shirt.

Fight for kratom


If you want to help us keep kratom legal please volunteer. We can us your help! Everyone has there unique talent. Lets use those talents to educated the public and law makers that kratom is a safe herbal supplement. You can also leave us a testimony on how kratom has helped in your life.

Keep Kratom Legal
What is Kratom?

Kratom has proven to prevent diabetes, build immune system, ease anxiety and much more. Kratom has been used for over 3,000 years in southeast Asia as an herbal supplement. Other health benefits of kratom include pain management, depression, fatigue as well as curing deadly opiate addiction.

Is Kratom safe to eat?

Yes! Kratom is proven to be less habit forming then coffee. Many Americans use kratom leaves as an alternative solution to dangerous prescription drugs.

As more and more Americans discover the uses and benefits of kratom the less they will need dangerous pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy sales will go down, now is the time to fight because our health is more valuable then pharmaceutical profits.

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